• NWEN Workshop: Reading, Writing, and Presenting Poetry (March 28, 2009)

  • Participants of a NWEN Workshop

  • NWEN Workshop participants in a group discussion

  • Participants of an NWEN Monthly Symposium

  • Special Poetry Reading Session "Dui Swar Ek Lahar" on 27 July 2013

About NWEN

Society of Nepali Writers in English (NWEN)  was established on December 9, 2000 by a group of writers and academics as an organized body of Nepali writers writing originally in English. Primary objectives of NWEN are to develop a common forum of Nepali writers writing originally in English,to promote Nepali creative writing in English within the country and abroad, to create a sense of national identity through literature, cultural interaction and activities, and to promote international understanding and amity through cultural exchanges.

To achieve these objectives NWEN organizes regular reading sessions, talks, symposia, and discussions; publishes a literary magazine with creative and critical writings of different genres; publishes anthologies of creative and critical writings in English, organizes creative writing workshops, seminars and conferences to train new and prospective writers in English, facilitates the publication of poets and writers in medium journals, magazines, and newspapers; and, coordinate programs for cultural exchanges with other related organizations/ institutions at home and abroad.